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About Dr. Giovanna Silvestri, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist and Gestalt Therapist

Telehealth therapist

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I am both individuals and couples psychologist and therapist and I have a private practice in Rome (Italy).

I’m fond of the beauty of human encounter and I believe it is/as a foundational cure to human suffering.

In my personal evolution I met Gestalt Therapy and for this reason I graduated at the University “La Sapienza” of Rome (Italy) with a Clinical Psychology degree and then I specialized as a therapist in Gestalt Therapy at the GTK Institute (Rome, Italy).  Afterwards I worked several years in the same Institute as a trainer.

Because of my interests for post trauma psychopathology I took a first level degree in Sensorymotor Psychotherapy, a specific therapeutic approach set up and developed by Pat Odgen and her colleagues.

I’m currently training in Gestalt Therapy and Phenomenological Approach to Psychopathology and Clinical Practice at IPsiG (Istituto Internazionale di Psicopatologia e Psicoterapia della Gestalt)  in Turin (Italy) and I'm collaborating with it.

I’m a member of EAGT (European Association Gestalt Therapy) and I received the European Certificate in Psychotherapy from EAP (European Association Psychotherapy).

I carried out further LGBTQ studies attending courses and Conferences about these issues.

What really matters in my clinical practice is the respect and the empathic listening, a clear communication and a specific support in order to activate personal resources, all in the most rigorous respect for privacy.

People that contact me are very different for needs, desires, genre, sexual orientation and age (from late adolescence to seniority).

Furthermore, therapeutic work can address to different issues: to manage anxiety, to cope with stress,  to get out of depression, to cope with grief and loss, to deal with a change of life or job, to regain well-being with themselves, with  own partner and with the others.

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